The following are basic IRC Commands that can help you enjoy your stay on iRC-Reactor IRC Network.

Nickserv Commands

REGISTER - Register a nickname with services. [back to top]

/msg nickserv register password email (e.g. /msg nickserv register myp4ssw0rd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

IDENTIFY - Identify yourself with your password. [back to top]

/msg nickserv identify password (e.g. /msg nickserv identify myp4ssw0rd)

GROUP - Join an existing registered group, this command makes your nickname join the target nickname's group. Password is the password of the target nickname. The target nickname has to be registered first. [back to top]

/msg nickserv group target-nick target-password

KILL - Turn protection on or off. With protection on, if another user tries to take your nick, they will be given one minute to change to another nick, after which Nickserv will forcibly change their nick. [back to top]

/msg nickserv set kill on (Turns the automatic protection option for your nick on)
/msg nickserv set kill quick (If you select quick, the user will be given only 20 seconds instead of the usual 60)
/msg nickserv set kill immed (Nick will change immediately; please do not use this option unless necessary.)
/msg nickserv set kill off (Turns the automatic protection option for your nick off)

PASSWORD - Set your nickname password. [back to top]

/msg nickserv set password newpassword (e.g. /msg nickserv set password myn3wp4ssw0rd)




Chanserv Commands

REGISTER - Register a channel. [back to top]

/msg chanserv register #channel password description (e.g. /msg chanserv register #mychannel 123456 My Channel)

IDENTIFY - Identify yourself with your password. Authenticates you to ChanServ as the founder of the given channel. Many commands require you to use this command before using them. [back to top]

/msg chanserv identify #channel password (e.g. /msg chanserv identify #mychannel 123456)

ACCESS - Maintains the access list for a channel. The access list specifies which users are allowed chanop status or access to ChanServ commands on the channel. Different user levels allow for access to different subsets of privileges. See LEVELS command for more information. [back to top]

/msg chanserv access #channel add nick level (e.g. /msg chanserv access #mychannel add someone 5 (level 5 is Auto Op, see access defaults list below))
/msg chanserv access #channel del nick (Deletes user from the access list)
/msg chanserv access #channel list (Lists the whole channel access list)
/msg chanserv access #channel list nick (Lists access level for the given nick)
/msg chanserv access #channel list 1-9 (Lists entry numbers 1 to 9 from the access list)
/msg chanserv access #channel clear (Clears the whole channel access list)

Default access levels - 3= Voice (+) 4= HalfOp (%) 5= Op (@) 10= Admin (!)

TOPICLOCK - Enables or disables the topic lock option for a channel. When topic lock is set, ChanServ will not allow the channel topic to be changed except via the TOPIC command. [back to top]

/msg chanserv set #channel topiclock on
/msg chanserv set #channel topiclock off

SECUREOPS - Enables or disables the secure ops option for a channel. When secure ops is set, users who are not on the userlist will not be allowed chanop status. [back to top]

/msg chanserv set #channel secureops on
/msg chanserv set #channel secureops off




Basic Commands

LIST - Displays a list of channels currently open. The information includes the current number of channel users, and the channel topic. [back to top]

/list (lists all channels)
/list > 100 (lists all channels with 100 users or more)
/list < 10 (lists all channels with 10 users or less)
/list C > 15 (lists all channels created between now and 15 minutes ago)
/list C < 30 (lists all channels created earlier than 30 minutes ago)
/list T > 45 (list channels whose topics are older than 40 minutes)
/list T < 60 (list channels whose topics are newer than 60 minutes)
/list *pms* (lists channels matching pms in their channel name)
/list !*pms* (lists all channels that do not match pms in their channel name)

LINKS - Displays a list of IRC Servers linked to the network. [back to top]


WHOIS - Shows you information about the user you specify. The information includes nickname, username, hostname, real name, etc. [back to top]

/whois nick
/whois nick nick

JOIN - Used to enter the specified channel(s). [back to top]

/join #channel
/join #channel1,#channel2,#channel3,#channel4

MSG - Send a private message to a particular nick. [back to top]

/msg nick Message you want here (e.g. /msg someone Hi .. How are you ?)

NOTICE - Used to sent text to clients and channels via a notice. [back to top]

/notice nick hey there! what are you doing?
/notice @#channel :text - Sends to all channel operators in #channel
/notice %#channel :text - Sends to all half operators in #channel
/notice +#channel :text - Sends to all voiced users in #channel
/notice #channel :text - Sends to everyone in #channel