Help/Support Policies

Help and Support Division is responsible for the fair and equitable operation of the network services in regard to users and channels. All helpers assigned to the help channel should conduct themselves in a professional manner keeping in mind they represent the network in assisting users and members with any problems they maybe incurring while on the network.

Guidelines and responsibilities for manners in which to conduct yourselves are stated as follows:

All helpers must listen attentively to the requests of users and decide if the problem being presented is something they can deal with or must be re directed to the attention of an oper.

Helpers when confronted with an accusation of nick stealing or channel stealing can investigate the matter and if access allows resolve the problem accordingly or direct the problem to someone better suited. Be sure of the accuracy of all info as this is not a matter to be taken lightly. If in doubt get a co helpers opinion before taking any action.

Helping users who have forgotten their pass, if access allows, or direct to someone able to assist with this; always verify identity of user with email given before giving passwords out.

Assist Channel founders interested in joining the network with any information regarding where to go for linking, information on services and answering questions. If you don't know the answer to something just ASK this ensures no misinformation is given to any potential new channels.

Assist users who request a vhost, if access allows, which is to be approved or denied within a timely fashion by the operators.


Network Services are here to provide security and convenience for every user of the net. These services are to be treated with respect and shall not be used in an abusive or exploitive manner. No member of this network will use services in such a manner as to intrude upon the privacy of registered channels or network users except for normal actions as required in the day-to-day operation of the network. Therefore other than explaining how to register a channel, nick and assisting with all commands relating to chanserv nickserv and botserv, information regarding the specifics of a channel do not involve the Help and Support Division.
Where a ban is involved users can be directed to the kline division, if it is a network ban, or the channel which they are banned from and told to direct all comments or complaints there. Help and Support is merely here to assist them in network issues and is NOT to involve themselves in individual channel policies.

NO helper with access to services shall op during times when services are down other than the guidelines set forth by the Operators and Training policy. As specified in this policy that is a strict violation of Network policy and will be dealt with accordingly.

NO helpers are to assist with warez related issues they are to direct users to the channel they are interested in to make any such inquiries for help. The help channel is for network related issues and should be kept as such.

NO helpers should ever make any promises or represent the Network as a whole in trying to convince channels to relocate to the Network.

Each nick must have an email. The use of Hotmail emails are not allowed. (This is done for protection)

Unused nicks and channels will expire after 21 days.

Automated registering of nicks simply for the purpose of getting pseudo clients (bots) into our users +R channels will absolutely not be tolerated and you will be banned for such behaviour.